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Helping homeowners understand what their house already knows.

Home Monitoring and Early Detection

Our home is one of our greatest assets. And that’s why we insure for the unexpected surprises that may come along such as fire, water damage, or theft.

The advent of the Smart Home, particularly the data that comes from our connected devices, brings the opportunity to remove much of that unpredictability.

The SALUSConnect platform is designed to do just that – transform the very devices we use for comfort and convenience and turn it into a monitoring and alert system to help us protect the value of our home.

Monitoring your home’s health starts here

Smart analysis of the millions of data points collected everyday by connected home devices can be used to understand the health of your home, detect irregularities and assess the risk profiles of future trouble spots.

The three pillars of the SALUSConnect platform


The SALUSConnect platform is built on three pillars:

Safety, control and security.

Homeowners can take comfort in the ability to safeguard their home, possessions and family from risks that originate from the inside the home. The platform enables consumers to:

  • Increase peace-of-mind with ability to monitor and receive real-time alerts and notifications of any changes happening in the home.
  • Save money through early detection and reduced premiums.
  • Get more from their Connected Home devices with expanded functionalities.

The platform aims to bring out the value in connected devices. This enables partners in home-services related industries to:

  • Provide more personalized services to customers through better insight of user interactions and risk profiles.
  • Bring value to consumers by providing early warning of problems and issues that arise in the home or of product failures.
  • Reduce operating costs.

Platform and Products

The SALUSConnect platform is a complete smart home safety solution with added control and security features.

  • Home Control: enabling remote access and control of connected devices
  • Home Security: monitoring and protecting your home from outside threats
  • Home Safety: identifying and protecting your home from risks that originate from inside your home


Turning Data into Knowledge into Action

The SALUSConnect platform was specifically built to be a “Check Engine Light” for the home that predicts and alerts the homeowner of a problem, which then steps can be taken to fix the issue before it escalates.



Services, using one or many devices, reduce frequency and severity of peril

graph - savings from home safety - frequency vs. severity


SALUSConnect works with a comprehensive line of SALUS gateways, connected devices and sensors. The platform can also be easily integrated into other hardware systems.


Graph - Device vs. Service

Our smartphone app allows you to easily monitor your smart home’s “health” anytime and from anywhere. comes with an Intuitive user interface that provides effortless and personalized home management from one screen. It also comes with full set of features that enable users to:
  • Quickly view and monitor the status of your home and smart devices.
  • Set schedules and preferences for your connected thermostats, smart plugs, water heater timers, and more.
  • Receive important real-time alerts and notifications of any changes happening in the home.


The SALUS Global Connected Solutions Group is a division of SALUS Inc., the branded product arm of global technology and manufacturing company Computime. Based in Redwood City, California, SALUS Global Connected Solutions Group focuses on the development of cloud-based solutions to bring out the value in connected devices.